Paris, the most populated and capital city of France is a top tourist destination. With travelers from all around wanting to explore this wonderful city, the competition among the air travel businesses has let to great discounts and ultimately cheap airline tickets. Paris is truly a city which has it all with its rich history, multi-cultural values, museums, entertainment, art, parks and shopping malls. Here are some of the top destinations in Paris that are a must visit.

1- La Tour Eiffel

La Tour EiffelWho doesn’t know about the Eiffel tower? This global cultural icon of France is one of the most recognizable structures in the World. It has been captured in many movies and people from all around the globe come here making it the most visited paid monument. The tower is tall and grand. Its three levels are for visitors. There are nice restaurants in the first and second level. The view of Paris from this tower is truly breathtaking. Eiffel tower is also known as a romantic spot where so far thousands of men have declared their love and made marriage proposals. It is a dream place for all romantic people. To sum it up, Eiffel tower is a place not to be missed. It should be the first destination for all those who land in Paris.

2- Notre Dame De Paris

Notre Dame De Paris

Also simply known as Notre-Dame, this historic Catholic cathedral is considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture. It is among the largest and most well-known church building in the world. The architecture of Notre Dame De Paris is intriguing and beautiful. The stained glass and sculptures represent Romanesque architecture. There are many small statues inside which have been individually crafted with great care. The cathedral has 387 steps at the top of staircases leading to an amazing view of Paris from the top. The bells of Notre Dame De Paris are on open display for the public. The largest bell is tolled to mark the hours of the day and for other occasions. The magnificent church is an excellent place to visit for people who are interested in history and architecture.

3- The Louvre

The LouvreThe Louvre Museum is a treat for travelers of all ages. This museum is a historic monument and is one of the world’s largest museums. Originally built as a fortress, the building has been extended many times and it now stands as the Louvre Palace. There are eight departments in the museum: Greek and Roman Antiquities; Decorative Arts; Islamic Art; Paintings; Egyptian Antiquities; Sculptures and Near Eastern Antiquities. The collection in all departments is huge and equally fascinating. You can experience any ancient culture and civilization inside the museum. The famous Mona Lisa painting of Leonardo da Vinci hangs in the Painting department which attracts art lovers from all around the world.

4- Disneyland Paris

5This entertainment resort encompasses two theme parks, many hotels, a shopping, dining and entertainment complex and a golf course. Disneyland Paris is a one stop place for all the fun and excitement. It has many attractions for tourists. The top five attractions are: It’s a small world, Pirates of the Caribbean, The buzz light year Laser Blast, Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain: Mission 2. Each of these attractions is located in a different section of the Park. Tourists are able to learn a lot about French history and French culture by visiting some of the historical sites inside. Disneyland Paris is huge and exploring it will never bore you.

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