Cheap Airline Tickets For My Great Britain Adventure

Tyler Oakleys video montage of his trip to England inspired me to book a flight, and head over there myself. My inspiration couldn’t have come at a better time. I missed the Royal wedding, but now I get to a chance to be part of the Royal Baby celebrations. The media has dubbed the waiting period as the #GreatKateWait, and with the due date near the excitement of the impending birth is at an all time high. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is about to give birth any day now, how awesome would it be if I was amongst the well wishersstanding outside the hospital?

I don’t like to admit that I’am obsessed with the Royals. Kate is wonderful, but she doesn’t have the charm and magnetism of Princess Diana. However, the media creates such a whirlpool of hype around the couples every move that one can’t help but get swept up in it. Since my flight is tomorrow, I’ll witness the entire hullabaloo myself.

I read a lot of celebrity blogs (surprise, surprise) and had a post on what to expect when the Royal Baby arrives. As part of the official process and in keeping with age-old tradition, an announcement will be posted on an easel in front of Buckingham Palace. The baby’s gender, weight and time of birth will be revealed but the name will be revealed at a later date. Following the display, 62 shots will be fired from cannon at the Tower of London and another 42 will be fired at Green Park where thousands of people are expected to gather to witness the historic moment.
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The London Eye, London’s landmark attraction will turn the colors of the Union Jack in honor of the future King or Queen’s grand entrance into the world. The striking red, white and blue colors will light up the iconic riverside attraction. Mark my word, I shall try and experience all the Royal Baby craziness that England has to offer. Their second baby won’t be given so much protocol because it’ll be second in line to the throne. All the majestic drama is appointed for the heir, not the substitute.

Apart from the Royal Baby fever, I’m planning on checking out the sales. My cousin is as crazy about fashion and make up as I am. She knows all the best places to shop, so I’ll be in good hands. She lives in Nottingham, which a couple of hours from London, so we’ll divide our time between both places. I want to visit most of the castles in England. Whilst inside the castles I can imagine myself roaming around the premises in my past life, as a princess of course.

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