United States

Today, travelers in southeastern areas of Texas should plan journeys accounting for disruption caused by heavy rain and flooding. The National Weather Service (NWS) issued Flash Flood Watches for Angelina, Brazoria, Chambers, Cherokee, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, and Nacogdoches counties. Flooding and road closures are already affecting several areas.


Tomorrow, travelers in Havana should plan routes bypassing a demonstration by LGBTQ rights activists to minimize inconvenience. Participants will gather at 4:00 PM local time at Central Park. While the rally should pass off peacefully, it may cause local traffic disruption. Members of the Cuban government have also claimed that the “opposition” is using the event to advance its political platform. A heightened security presence should be expected.

Dominican Republic

On Monday, May 13, fuel retailers affiliated to the Anadegas union plan to stage strikes and demonstrations nationwide over the apparent smuggling of fuel. While details of the actions are not known, gatherings are likely at the National Palace and the Chamber of Commerce in Santo Domingo. Operations at fuel stations are also likely to be affected. Travelers in urban centers should avoid all protests due to the potential for local unrest.


Today, travelers in urban centers should avoid marches in memory of missing persons due to the potential for transportation disruption. In Mexico City, demonstrators plan to gather at 10:00 AM local time at the Estacionamiento Deprisa Monumento a la Madre before marching to the Angel de la Independencia. Other demonstrations are planned in major urban centers in the following states: Chiapas, Jalisco, Guerrero, Michoacan, Morelos, Nayarit, Nuevo Leon, Sinaloa, Sonora, Tamaulipas, and Zacatecas. According to local media, more than 40,000 people have been listed as missing persons in Mexico.


On Monday, May 13, travelers should avoid all protests and reconfirm the status of routes during a nationwide strike by various agricultural unions. The unions are demanding that the government address grievances related to the agricultural sector. While no related demonstrations have thus far been announced, these are likely in urban centers and along major roads. Blockade of key routes is common during such strikes. Any attempt by police to forcibly disperse gatherings or dismantle roadblocks is likely to prompt clashes with protesters, posing incidental risks to bystanders.


Tomorrow, travelers in urban centers, including Caracas, should avoid nationwide anti-government demonstrations at 10:00 AM local time due to the risk of unrest. Juan Guaido, the National Assembly-recognized interim President, has called for the protests in response to the arrest of Edgar Zambrano, the Vice-President of the National Assembly.



Today, travelers should avoid all demonstrations led by the anti-government February 14 Youth Coalition calling for the expulsion of the US military from the country. Although security forces are likely to prevent participants from congregating near the US Fifth Fleet Naval Base, small gatherings are likely to take place in the suburbs and in Shia Muslim majority villages outside Manama. Travelers should plan routes bypassing all protests due to the credible risk of unrest.


Travelers in urban centers should continue to anticipate and avoid protests over President Alpha Conde’s potential bid for a third term in 2020. Yesterday, police forcibly dispersed protesters in Conakry who had blocked sections of the Fidel Castro Motorway to denounce modifications to the constitution and poor infrastructure. On May 4, security forces dispersed a related rally by the opposition National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC) in Kindia.


Today, travelers in Beirut should avoid the vicinity of Riad al-Solh Square, where retired soldiers are currently staging a protest. The demonstrators, who reportedly intend to maintain a sit-in protest in the area, are burning tires and blocking nearby roads.


Travelers in Gombe City should continue to exercise caution despite the relaxation of an overnight curfew on May 3. The prohibitory measure will now be observed from 12:01 AM to 6:00 AM local time. A 15-hour overnight curfew was imposed on April 27 following clashes between two youth gangs. Although the curfew was later lifted, it was reintroduced in response to fresh unrest overnight on April 28-29. Tensions and associated security measures in the city are likely to persist.

Today, travelers in Abuja should plan routes bypassing a planned demonstration by women’s rights groups to minimize inconvenience. Participants will gather at Eagle Square at 9:00 AM local time to denounce alleged police violence towards women. Related rallies were held in Abuja and Lagos on May 4.


Health authorities have declared an outbreak of dengue fever. The disease is spread by mosquitoes and is present in both rural and urban areas. Dengue can cause a range of symptoms and has no particular treatment. Some people, especially those who have been infected before, get a more severe form that can lead to fatal complications. Although a vaccine is available in several locations, it is only recommended for people who have been infected with dengue in the past and are living or traveling in areas with high levels of dengue transmission. Travelers should prevent infection by avoiding mosquito bites.


Travelers in Dakar and other urban centers should anticipate disruption around the repatriation and funeral of prominent religious leader Cheikh Bethio Thioune. His body is expected to be repatriated from France to Dakar’s Blaise Diagne International Airport (DSS) today. His funeral will take place in his hometown of Madinatou Salam, near the city of Mbour, though the exact date has not yet been released. Gatherings by his supporters are likely in main urban centers, around the airport, and in Thies.



Yesterday, North Korea fired two short-range missiles from Kusong, which traveled eastwards around 261 miles and 168 miles respectively. This came five days after it fired several short-range missiles in the Sea of Japan. These developments do not indicate an immediate escalation of tensions. An overall deterioration in the travel security environment in the Korean Peninsula and the wider region is unlikely; however, as further similar symbolic provocative acts are likely, travelers should monitor developments closely.


Travelers across the country should anticipate disruption during an indefinite strike beginning Monday, May 13 by jute-mill workers. Employees of state-owned Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC) are organizing the industrial action over wages and other issues. They plan to block roads and railway tracks daily from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM local time as part of the strike. Travelers should reconfirm the status of routes before setting out and avoid all demonstrations.


Travelers in urban centers should anticipate and avoid further anti-government demonstrations ahead of a Presidential Election on June 9. Previous protests have been organized by the banned opposition Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan (DCK) party over demands for fair elections and the recent controversial renaming of the capital. Yesterday, unauthorized protests saw police forcibly disperse crowds and make numerous arrests. Authorities also blocked access to social media, news, and communications sites for several hours. Further rallies or attempted rallies are likely to be met with a similarly tough security force response, posing incidental risks to bystanders.

New Caledonia

On Sunday, May 12, travelers in New Caledonia should avoid gatherings around Provincial Elections. These are expected to be closely fought between pro- and anti-independence parties in the wake of a defeated independence referendum in November 2018; pro-independence parties will be looking to increase their share of the votes ahead of further elections in 2020 and possibly 2022. Isolated unrest is possible between activists and authorities, which would pose incidental risks to bystanders.

New Zealand

On Tuesday, May 14, travelers planning to undertake train travel in Auckland should anticipate disruption if a strike by railway maintenance workers goes ahead. The work stoppage is being organized to demand increased wages. The industrial action may result in cancellations of and delays to train services. The walkout may be called off if planned negotiations between the workers and management are successful. Travelers should make alternative arrangements if the strike proceeds.


On Monday, May 13, travelers should expect heightened security nationwide during Midterm Elections, which has also been declared a public holiday. In addition to the 297-seat House of Representatives and half of the 24-seat Senate, Gubernatorial and Mayoral seats will also be contested. Around 200,000 security personnel will be deployed, including 20,000 officers in Metro Manila. Targeted attacks involving political clans are possible during the elections; these often involve unlicensed firearms and could turn fatal. Rival political supporters may also clash during rallies, though such unrest is typically local and does not directly target foreigners. All election-related venues and gatherings should be avoided.

South Korea

On Wednesday, May 15, travelers should anticipate transportation disruption and traffic congestion if a nationwide strike by at least 40,000 bus drivers goes ahead. Bus drivers affiliated to the Korea Automobile and Transport Workers’ Federation (KATWF) are organizing the action over possible salary cuts and demands for increased staffing. Negotiations between the drivers and authorities are ongoing. Travelers should make alternative transportation arrangements in the event the strike proceeds.


Travelers in Istanbul should avoid further evening protests outside the Istanbul Bar Association (IBA) Headquarters in Beyoglu district. The IBA, which opposes the decision to annul the city’s Municipal Elections, has said its members will gather daily from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM local time until the re-run of Municipal Elections currently scheduled for June 23.



On Sunday, May 12, travelers in Nicosia should plan routes bypassing an environmental demonstration to minimize inconvenience. Participants in the event, which has been organized by the national chapter of the global “Mothers Rise Up” coalition, will gather in front of Parliament at 10:00 AM local time and march towards the Presidential Palace. Although the rally should pass off peacefully, it is liable to cause local traffic disruption

Czech Republic

On Monday, May 13, travelers in Prague, Brno, and Ostrava should avoid anti-government protests as a precaution. In Prague, participants plan to gather at 6:30 PM local time at Staromestske Namesti. The gatherings in Brno and Ostrava are due to be held at Dominikanske Namesti and Masarykovo Namesti respectively. The demonstrations are likely to be well attended, causing local disruption.


From May 13-26, rail travelers transiting the Keleti Railway Station in Budapest should reconfirm the status of trains prior to setting out. The station will be closed during this period for maintenance work, affecting both international and domestic services. Trains operating via Keleti will be shifted to Budapest’s other two rail terminals, Deli and Nyugati, as well as other nearby stations.


On Thursday, May 16, travelers in Barcelona and other urban centers in Catalonia should avoid protests by student over increasing fees. Details of any demonstrations have yet to be announced. Yesterday, around 1,200 people participated in a related demonstration at Placa de la Universitat in Barcelona. During gatherings on May 7, participants partially blocked Avinguda Diagonal and Avinguda Litoral in Barcelona. Today, passengers arriving to Madrid Barajas International Airport (MAD) should avoid using the M-13 Motorway after flooding closed a tunnel along the route, which leads to the facility’s Terminal 4. Travelers are advised to use the M-12 Motorway.


Today, travelers in Odessa should avoid a planned rally in front of the Russian Consulate as a precaution. Participants will gather at 5:00 PM local time to mark five years since the arrest of Oleg Sentsov, the Ukrainian filmmaker serving a prison sentence in Russia, and call for his release.


May 10
Micronesia: Constitution Day
Guernsey: Liberation Day (only
Kazakhstan: Victory Day Extra
Moldova: Victory Day Holiday
Romania: Monarchy Day
Russia: Defender of the Fatherland
Day Holiday
El Salvador: Mothers’ Day
United States: Confederate
Memorial Day

May 12
Barbados, Bangladesh, Bermuda,
The Bahamas, Canada, Colombia,
Curaçao, Czech Republic,
Germany, Finland, Ghana,
Honduras, Iceland, Jamaica,
Cayman Islands, Sri Lanka, Latvia,
New Zealand, Peru, Puerto Rico,
Trinidad and Tobago, United
States, South Africa: Mother’s Day
Benin: Mother’s Day
Brazil: Mother’s Day
Botswana: Mother’s Day
Belarus: Day of the National
Emblem and Flag of Belarus
Congo: Mother’s Day
Cuba: Mother’s Day
Cabo Verde: Mother’s Day
Gabon: Mother’s Day
Grenada: Mother’s Day
Georgia: St Andrew’s Day
Hong Kong: Buddha’s Birthday
Hong Kong: Mother’s Day
Kenya: Mother’s Day
Cambodia: Mother’s Day
South Korea: Buddha’s Birthday
Macau: Buddha’s Birthday
Mauritius: Mother’s Day
Romania: Father’s Day
Chad: Mother’s Day
Tanzania: Mother’s Day
Ukraine: Mother’s Day
Uganda: Mother’s Day
US Virgin Islands: Mother’s Day
Zambia: Mother’s Day
Zimbabwe: Mother’s Day

May 13
Hong Kong: Day following
Buddha’s Birthday
Cambodia: King’s Birthday (Day 1)
Tuvalu: Gospel Day
Samoa: Mother’s Day

May 14
Cambodia: King’s Birthday (Day 2)
Liberia: National Unification Day
Malawi: Kamuzu Day
Paraguay: National Holiday

May 15
Colombia: Teacher´s Day
Spain: Feast Day of St Isidore
Cambodia: King’s Birthday (Day 3)
South Korea: Teacher’s Day
Moldova: Family Day
Mongolia: Family Day
Paraguay: Independence Day

May 16
Greenland: General Prayer Day
South Sudan: SPLA Day

May 17
Congo (DRC): Liberation Day
Denmark: Great Prayer Day
Spain: Galicia Literature Day
Faroe Islands: Prayer Day
Norway: 17 May Constitution Day
Nauru: Constitution Day

May 18
Bangladesh: Buddha Purnima/
Haiti: Flag Day/University Day
India: Buddha Purnima/Vesak
Cambodia: Visak Bochea Day
Laos: Visakhabousa Day
Sri Lanka: Vesak Full Moon Poya
Moldova: Special Working Day
Myanmar: Full Moon Day of
Pakistan: Buddha Purnima
Somalia: Restoration of
Somaliland Sovereignty
Thailand: Visakha Bucha
Turkmenistan: Constitution Day
Ukraine: Europe Day
Uruguay: Battle of Las Piedras

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