Since the last five years one of my closest cousins has been insisting I visit her in London. Each year I smile and tell her I’ll try my best. Wouldn’t life be easier if tickets were free and you could jump in to a plane and travel the world? That would be so much more liberating. Instead, here I am thinking of ways to buy a cheap ticket so I can visit my cousin in London. The idea of going to London never thrilled me before, so I would always let go of the idea despite the numerous invites. Then William and Kate got married. London became a fairy tale destination. It became the setting for the Royal Wedding, and now the Royal Baby is due any day in the newly minted magical city. Thanks to the young Royals, they’ve put Briton on the map again.

Well, sadly my cousin and the Royal couple combined couldn’t intensify an urge to visit London. The other day I was going through my YouTube subscription and I came across a video blog from a YouTuber I had just recently subscribed to. He visited London a few weeks ago and his video montage looked like so much fun!

First of all, how beautiful is England? The country side looked stunning, and the towns looked so quaint. Half way through the video all I knew was that I just have to visit London. Lesson learned; a YouTuber can sell anything.

So what do I do? Well, first of all I searched the cheapest way to fly to London. So when I entered cheap flights to London and array of websites popped up. I opened all of them. Two amongst them were and Expeedia has created quite a name for itself these last few years, however there were some deals on FareOair that suited me more.
I didn’t need to book a hotel or car, so I ignored those deals. I just needed a cheap ticket. I managed to find an offer that appealed to me, and ended up saving on my ticket. Yes, just imagine! I was so happy. There were few cheap airline flights to choose from, and I picked the cheapest one.

I started making a mental montage of my trip to London as soon as the tickets were booked. In my mind I visited the Harry Potter movie sets (they’re top on my list), Buckingham Palace (maybe I can get a glimpse of the Queen?), and ride the tube. Random, I know. Oh, of course I want to have a classic British tea while I’m there.

With my cheap airline tickets I shall soon be flying off to London and spending quality time with my cousin. You know that’s why I’m going there, right? It’s not because a YouTuber made it desirable. Nope, at all.

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