areOAir is an air travel business which within a short period of time has established itself as a reliable and useful service for travelers all around the globe. Located in West Palm Beach, its services are not only rendered to the local community but internationally as well. Traveling can be for many reasons. It could be a work-related trip or a holiday trip. Whatever the reason is, almost everybody wants a hassle-free and easy way of planning everything out.

Easy Selection

FareOAir user-friendly website, with a complete display of all available deals and discounts, quickens the process of comparison and making the right choice. With a few quick searches, the most suitable choice is bound to appear before you. Users enjoy 60% to 75% discounts on airline tickets. FareOAir offers the best possible deals in economy class, business class and first class. Cheap airline tickets are available for all popular travel destinations. Just put in your details and FareOAir will find you flights at discounted rates.

Discounts On Hotel And Car Reservations

For the convenience of travelers, FareOAir also offers excellent hotel deals at minimum rates. Hotel reservations help clients save up to 15%. Furthermore, FareOAir offers great rental cars at affordable prices. The hotels and cars booked through FareOAir are not only at discounted rates but also of good quality. For each service offered, you just have to put in the dates of your traveling, your location, and the destination. The search engine will itself find you the most suitable deal. For any queries and assistance, FareOAir customer care is operational 24/7. The dedicated staff guides and assists all interested parties. Booking of a hotel room, a car and flight to your desired place can be done online. Once you have made an online reservation, a confirmation email is instantly sent to acknowledge the reservation. While booking your flights, you can also make seat requests using FareOAir seat map tool feature. For most airlines, users have the freedom to select a specific seat. But for some airlines, you are can only put in a request for either a window seat or aisle seat. To correct any error made while making the booking, all the user has to do is send an email.

Updated And Well Organized

In comparison to other air travel businesses, FareOAir is cheaper and more efficient. It keeps itself updated on all destinations, good hotels and cars. In order to understand the needs of travelers, FareOAir gathers information of its users. With this information, it continuously strives to improve its products and services. The information gathered is kept secure. their entire trip online without the need to visit travel agents and making unnecessary calls.There are physical and electronic procedures in place to safeguard the collected information. Through FareOAir, travelers have the convenience of planning.

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