The Best Safety Gears For Travelers To Invest In This Year

Traveling around the world is one of the biggest luxuries of life, and there is nothing worse than having our adventure spoilt by getting lost, losing your possessions, or discovering the holiday rental you’re staying at treats security like an afterthought. Before leaving for your big adventure, make sure you’re prepared for everything with our picks of the best safety gear for travelers.

1. Invest In Anti-Theft Straps and Locks

Investing in anti-theft straps and locks are one of the ideal ways to keep your money and documents safe. You can wear the strap around your neck and attach it to your wallet, camera or phone. We recommend that you look for straps that are lightweight and splash proof. A good anti-theft strap should also give the user the option to affix their luggage to a table, chair, or any other item to keep thieves from running away with your goods.

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2. Keep A Personal Alarm

Traveling to another country can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re staying in cheap hostels or AirBnB’s. Rather than shoving furniture against the door buy a portable door lock instead. It’ll make you feel safe and secure as well. These handy portable locks are small enough to fit into a pocket or a handbag and are strong enough to keep unwanted intruders out. Most of the portable locks are easy to use and easy to remove in the event of an emergency.

3. Take A Beverage Safeguard

Even though this might sound a little excessive, it’s something worth looking in to. Pack a purifying water bottle that uses filtration to remove pollutants and bacteria without using any harsh chemicals. If you’re planning on hitting the clubs in a foreign country, slip a few detection strips that let you know your drink has been tampered with. The process is very discreet and will keep you safe. You’ll need to dip your finger in the drink, place a tiny drop on the strip, and then wait to see if it changes color.

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4. Mobile Chargers

When you’re traveling it’s important to keep backup phone chargers, especially if you’re planning on exploring the city. A lot of tourists use their phones as maps, a source of entertainment and as a camera as well. With so much usage the battery will die out within hours. Pack an extra portable mobile charger in your handbag, especially one that is small, convenient and portable.

5. Travel Apps

A lot of frequent flyers and travel enthusiasts know that their mobile phones are the handiest travel assistants in the world. There are countless apps that help tourists get around, and others that make communication easier. You can also use the apps to call for help in case of emergency.

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6. Anti-Theft Bags and Wallets Are A Must

This is a great investment if you want to protect your personal information safe. The world has changed radically and there are even virtual pickpockets now. These bags and wallets are designed to keep your personal information from being electronically swiped.

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