In search of Chili Crabs

Sometimes I wish I could go on a world tour. Ever since I was a little child I had always dreamt of going around the world. However it remained an unrealistic childhood dream. Initially the small amount of pocket money would not allow and later there was never enough time. However my dream didn’t die away. I just tried to fulfill my dream bit by bit. Whenever I would get vacations, I would choose one or two countries at a time and make a visit. There was hope that one day I would have stamps from all the countries on my passport.

This time I decided to make a visit to Singapore. Singapore means one thing, good food. People go to the extreme extent of calling it the food capital of the world. They say if you haven’t tried the chili crab from Singapore, you haven’t tasted the best yet. I had to taste the best before I died. Hence my Singapore trip was decided. I quickly looked up for a cheap ticket to Singapore. If you travel a lot, finding cheap tickets isn’t a problem. Just look up for tickets of the airline you want to use. You’ll find great deals for cheap tickets. Same is the case with hotel bookings. If you book early, there are so many discounts available. That solved my major issue. In a matter of a few hours, I had booked a ticket and hotel room for myself.
I landed at the Singapore Changi Airport. The term first impressions are the last fitted well for Singapore. The airport made the first impression of the country and it didn’t fail to impress me. I could say it was one of the most beautiful airports I had ever seen. My first stop was Sentosa, an island resort. There I visited the Universal Studios. From rollercoasters to movie-themed attractions, it was a lot of fun. Universal studios took up one whole day but it was worth it. I decided to spend the next day at the beach. A nice book and some snacks made the beach time so relaxing. I also visited the Tiger Sky Tower and Butterfly Park. The Sky Tower gives you a view all the way to Malaysia and Indonesia. What I really enjoyed was the Butterfly Park. Almost 50 different species of butterflies flew around me.

Next I decided to explore the city while shopping around. The shopping network in Singapore amazed me. Malls are connected to each other through underground tunnels. Shopping is so cheap there. From Suntec City to Wisma Atrium, I strolled from one place to another with my hands full of bags. For the real Singaporean food experience, I headed to the hawkers street. The food didn’t only taste delicious but it was also extremely cheap.

The night safari is a nocturnal zoo. The whole setup is like a rain forest. Visitors are allowed only at night. Lighting is made to resemble full moon. It was a very different experience for me. I also visited the botanical gardens, museum, monastery and many other places.

Though extremely small in size, Singapore was big on development. People were courteous. Literacy rate was high. More importantly, it was extremely safe. Singapore left a long lasting impression on me. Wishing our country would learn a thing or two from Singapore, I took a flight back with a smile on my face.

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