Archives February 28, 2019

TRAVEL ALERT // Pakistan Airspace Closed

Due to ongoing political tensions between Pakistan and India, the Pakistani government has ordered its air space closed until 12:00 AM local time tomorrow, February 28. This closure applies to both India-registered airlines and international carriers transiting Pakistani air space.

As a result of this ban, airlines will be forced to avoid Pakistan’s airspace, potentially adding 90 to 120 minutes of additional flight time for flights to or from Delhi and Mumbai. There is no indication from the Indian government on whether they will retaliate with a similar ban on Pakistan-registered airlines flying over Indian air space.

Today, Emirates, Saudi Arabian Airlines, and Qatar Airways have temporarily suspended all flights to Pakistan. Air Canada temporarily…




United States

Travelers in New York City should continue to anticipate disruption to rail travel following an accident on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) yesterday. Three people were killed, and several injured a er a car was struck by two passing commuter trains near Westbury Station. While limited service to the Oyster Bay, Port Je erson, and Ronkonkoma lines has been restored, delays are expected to continue through tomorrow due to track and platform repair work, impacting travel between Manhatan and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK).


Travelers in Porto Alegre should avoid all protests related to an ongoing municipal workers’ strike. The work stoppage is being observed over a bill aimed at reviewing the workers’ salaries and…