Travel experts’ advice on sleeping soundly on a plane

For some of us it is hard to have a proper good night sleep while we are at home. Sleeping on a plan is a whole different story especially when it is combined with travel anxiety or travel sickness. Even frequent flyers go through bouts of insomnia when there is noise around them in the plane cabin. For those looking to get better sleep when flying should follow the tips given below and be amazed to see the difference in your z’s.

1. Have A Snack Before Getting On The Plane

Munching on a filling meal will help you doze off while you are in the plane. It is like making your body believes that it’s dinner time. The plus side is you don’t have to wait for the bad inflight meal to be served. You can doze off with a full stomach and wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on anything.

2. Have Some Melatonin

This is a hormone that your body produces naturally right before you go to sleep. This is a trigger that tells your body that initiates sleep patterns. When you actually take melatonin it can help you fall asleep even when the environment around you isn’t the most ideal for it. It can also your body naturally adjust to the time zone at your destination when you take it at your desired time. Once you take melatonin your body automatically assumes it has messed up and it’s time to sleep. Sleep will come naturally, deeply and quickly. It’s the best way to not let jet lag get the best of you.

3. Skip The Bubbly

Sometimes you think it’s a good idea to have a night cap before going to sleep on a plane. Trust me when I say it’s the worst idea ever. Alcohol often acts as a stimulant, so this is the one time you should skip the booze and take a snooze. Plus, the more alcohol you drink on a plane the more dehydrated you’ll feel.

4. Take Your Own Pillow

Try taking your own travel pillow when you travel. It’s more hygienic and comfortable. Since It will be around your neck while you sleep, you’ll have less chances of drooling on someone else’s shoulders. There are so many varieties of the travel pillow now, so pick the one that meets your needs and take it with you on your flight.

5. Travel With An Eye Mask

Another in flight essential that should be on your list is an eye mask. There are so many cute ones available in the market. For those who are not concerned with the cuteness factor can pick a plain one from their local drugstore. These eye masks shut out all the light and make your body believe that it’s night time.

6. Serenade Your Self To Sleep

You can listen to soft music that can lull you in to sleep. What helps me while I travel is downloading sleep hypnosis on my phone. I listen to it when I want to sleep and I literally sleep within 10 minutes. Trust me when I saw it’s one of the deepest and most relaxing sleep one can get.

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