Top Five Places To Visit In Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city of Brazil is a World Heritage Site, named “Rio de Janeiro: Carioca Landscapes between the mountain and Sea”.  A trip to this amazing city is highly recommended during this season. Here are top five places you should definitely visit in Rio.


1- Tijuca Forest National Park

Tijuca Forest National Park

The Tijuca forest is a mountainous hand-planted rain forest located in Rio. Nature loving people will have the time of their lives in this place. The forest is home to hundreds of species of plants and wildlife. It contains many attractions; most notably the colossal sculpture of Jesus Christ on top of Corcovado Mountain. This grand statue is considered the largest Art Deco statue in the world. Other attractions include the granite picnic table called the Mesa do Imperador, the beautiful Cascatinha Waterfall and the Mayrink Chapel. Part of the Tijuca National park is the Rio de Janeiro Botanical gardens. These gardens are one of the greatest tropical botanical gardens in the world. Some of the rarest species of plants, tropical birds, fish and mammals are to be found here.

2- Leblon


Leblon, the local beach in Rio de Janeiro is a must visit place. It is known for being a very cosmopolitan neighborhood, with a lively nightlife across its bars, restaurants and nightclubs. On the other hand, the beach is quieter with a more relaxed environment. Leblon is also the ultimate place for shopping. It is famous for its incomparable beachwear and gemstone jewelry. Rio de Janeiro is the perfect place to do jewelry shopping.


3- Centro


Centro is the financial heart of Rio. You can experience much of the city’s rich history and culture with a visit to this wonderful place. Government buildings, churches, colonial structures, modern architectures and the enchanting café’s of Centro will guarantee you an amazing time. Sites of interest in this area include the Paco Imperial, Candelaria Church, the Old Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro, the modern Saint Sebastian’s Cathedral, National Museum of Fine Arts and National Historical Museum. There are several other landmarks in Centro such as the National Library building and the Municipal Theatre. Most of Rio’s skyscrapers, especially the tallest ones are located in this neighborhood.


4- Paqueta Island

Paqueta Island

Paqueta is an island in Guanabara Bay. Being an auto-free zone, this island ensures its visitors a very peaceful and relaxing environment. Travel is limited to bicycles and horse-drawn carriages. Due to its cultural roots, its scenery and location, a visit to Paqueta Island will prove to be a wonderful experience for people of all ages.


5- Escadaria Selaron

Escadaria SelaronEscadario Selaron is a set of world-famous steps. They are the work of Chilean-born artist Jorge Selaron who claimed it as a tribute to the Brazilian people. The steps are made with blue, green and yellow tiles – the colors of the Brazilian flag. The entire steps are beautifully made with tiles, ceramics and mirrors. This brilliant work has been featured in many famous magazines, newspapers, documentaries and travel shows. The tiles used in these steps are collected from over 60 countries around the world. These steps are a true piece of art!

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