Top 10 Best Economy Class Experiences

At FareOAir we care about the comfort of airline travelers. Based on our years of experience, we came up with the top 10 best Economy class experiences:

10. Qantas Airways:

Qantas Airways

Apart from the legroom issue complained by a few people, the overall review of economy class experience with Qantas airways is fairly good. Baggage allowed in economy class of Qantas airways is one piece (maximum 23 kg). But of course extra charges are levied on additional baggage. Economy meal service is customized by flight duration with a lot flexibility and choice. All flights of Qantas Airways offer a range of light refreshments. Selected international flights offer continuous refreshment service every 60-90 minutes and as an added benefit, there is a third meal option for long distance flights.

9. Oman Air:

Oman Air

Oman air provides a very generous economy class environment for its passengers. It is a safe and reliable airline. Warm and traditional welcome by the crew is a big plus point. Cabin crew also offers hot and cold towels prior to the food being served. The economy class menu is very diverse with focus on quality rather than quantity. Complimentary beverages are served to passengers, including brewed coffee and tea. Oman air was ranked fifth in best economy class catering according to the World Airline awards. With a spacious 34-inch pitch, the seating is very comfortable. Both the seat and cabin are kept clean and well maintained. There is a 10.6-inch seat-back TV screen for every passenger. With a good selection of box selection films, TV programmes, music and games, entertainment is guaranteed. Other beneficial features include a USB port, one power socket for every two seats, a coat hook and a fold-out/fold-down table and a seat pan which moves forward as the seat-back reclines. Oman air was ranked number seventh in best economy class seats according to the World Airline awards.

8. Emirates:


Emirates have one of the world’s most generous baggage policies for economy class which make it a preferred choice for many people. Economy class customers are allowed baggage of 30 kg along with 1 piece of carry on. Personal seatback monitors are available for each passenger. There are up to 1500 channels of news and entertainment programmes. Telephone and mail service is provided at every seat. Cabins have special lighting to reduce the effects of jetlag. The economy class cabins of emirates are specially designed keeping in mind the comfort of people. There is fairly good leg space which makes the journey less tiring. Passenger can relax with a wide range of complimentary drinks including wines, juices and cocktails. For a small fee, you can also toast your flight with champagne. Meals include dishes which are regionally inspired. The food is made from locally sourced ingredients to suit the tastes of passengers. Emirates is the winner of 2013 ‘World’s Best Airline’ Award.

7. Turkish Airlines:

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines are fast becoming exceedingly popular for economy class. Seating pitch is 31-32 inch which is fairly good for a comfortable ride. Maximum seatback recline is 6 inches. The seat pan is also able to move forward an additional 1.5 inches. Each seat has an adjustable footrest for added comfort. Additional features include an onboard power receptacle and a personal USB for each other. Meals served on Turkish airlines economy class varies according to the season, destination and departure time. Entertainment services are extensive and well planned. Music programs are available on long-haul and international flights. News and a variety of films are offered to all passengers. The staff and crew treats the passengers with utmost respect and are very helpful. Ratings and reviews for economy class of Turkish airlines are a witness of its increasing popularity.

6. Cathay Pacific Airways:

Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay pacific is one airline which has paid special attention to the comfort of economy class travelers. Economy class passengers who are travelling on a long distance enjoy fixed-back shell seats. The leg space is pretty good. Seats have personal TV screens. Depending on the length of the flight, complimentary meal or snack service is provided. Cathy Pacific Airways was ranked the seventh best airline for economy class catering according to World Airline Awards. Passengers on long-haul flights have access to 110v AC power outlets. Regional aircraft have 15v DC power ports that require an adapter to plug in a laptop. Satellite phone service is available on certain aircrafts for a small fee. Movies are also available on routes having flying time over two hours and 40 minutes.

5.ANA All Nippon Airways:

ANA All Nippon Airways
ANA All Nippon Airways, Japan’s largest airline operates services to 49 destinations within Japan and 32 international routes. Seats have a 20.5 inches wide space with a pitch of 38 inches. These are a very relaxing and comfortable. A TV is installed in each seat, with exception of some aircrafts. There are more than 30 programs of video, audio and TV games. Food is of good quality. Serving portions are now larger than before. Meals for children are also provided on the flight.

4. Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways

Comfort in Qatar Airways is given the first priority. However, what makes Qatar Airways stand out is the hospitable and friendly behavior of the cabin crew. Qatar Airways cabin crew have been voted ‘Best in the middle east’ for 7 consecutive years. Qatar Airways have also got one of the most spacious economy class seats. There is plenty of open space to eat, sleep and relax during the flight. Hot towels, blankets, comfy pillows and toiletry pouches are provided to all passengers. There is a wide range of entertainment activities, especially for long-haul flights. Latest blockbuster movies, TV programmes, leading video games and the latest music ensure that your flight is passed with ease. Additional features include laptop power outlet, USB plug and a personal telephone. On some aircrafts, there is a Wi-Fi facility available. On air mobile service enables the passengers to send and receive SMS/data during the flight. Meals and desserts are of the highest quality with a wide variety of beverages. Qatar Airways was ranked the fifth best in the economy class catering according to the World Airline Awards. Fun activities for children ensure a stress free flight for parents.

3. Singapore Airlines:


New economy class seats of Singapore airlines have an innovative design. With increased personal space, passengers are able to spend a nice and comfortable flight. Singapore Airlines was ranked fourth in the best economy class seats category according to the World Airline Awards. There is a delightful variety of Asian and International dishes along with a range of beverages. For long distance flights, snacks are available through out. Singapore Airlines was ranked third best in economy class catering according to the World Airline Awards. Wide selection of movies, television programmes and games are available for all passengers. Many aircrafts have internet access, text and multimedia messaging facility. Apart from the food, entertainment and good seating, Singapore airlines provide an outstanding service. The crew and staff treat all passengers with respect and professionalism which makes the flight experience a pleasurable one.

2. Asiana Airline:

Asiana Airline

With its mind blowing service and comfortable seating, Asiana Airlines are considered one of the best for economy class travelling. The economy seats are fitted with personal TV screens. Generally, seat pitch is 33-34 inches. An Asiana airline was ranked second best in the economy class seats category according to the World Airline Awards. Outstanding customer opinions about the food of Asiana airline is a proof of their good quality. Asiana Airline got ranked number one in the economy class catering according to the World Airline Awards of 2013.

1. Garuda Indonesia:

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia won the best economy class airline award in the World airline awards. This award was given on the basis of good quality food, comfortable seating and excellent service. On some aircrafts the seat pitch is 32-35 inches and on some it is 33-34 inches. Garuda airline is also the winner of World’s best economy class seats. The airline provides passengers a variety of Indonesian, European and Asian meals. There is a combination of snacks available depending on the length of flight. Since its time of launch, Garuda Indonesia has been treating its passengers with Indonesian hospitality. High quality service is extended to all. The concept of Indonesian hospitality is applied to delight the five human senses. Indonesian ornaments, scent of Indonesian flowers and the sound of Indonesian folk music is a delightful experience that truly makes the journey a memorable one.

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