Tic toc tic toc, I watched the clock run down the last few minutes of the last class of the semester. Why? It had been long and demanding couple of months and the end couldn’t have come sooner!! As the clock struck 5pm I couldn’t control my happiness and immediately rushed out of the lecture room to embrace the long deserved freedom, hey I know it’s clich but trust me nothing else can sum up my feelings at that particular moment.

As I rushed back to the hostels on the campus, I texted my friends to come to my place as soon as possible to finalize the plans for the end of semester trip we had been planning. As all three guys Drew, Wayne and Brad arrived without wasting time we started on deciding first and foremost the place to visit, after a lot of fighting among ourselves we decided on visiting Dubai also known as the most luxurious city. Now this is where the problem lied, with us being normal college students we couldn’t possibly think of enjoying all the luxuries and had to think of ways to minimize our cost and enjoy the trip and the city as much as possible with our not so deep pockets.

Dubai City

I was given the task to arrange cheap airline tickets, considering all the information available on the internet finding cheap airline tickets should have been awalk in the park for me. But it was not meant to be with the holiday season upon us it seemed most of the flights were booked and finding cheap airline tickets was going to be more time consuming than I originally anticipated. So I started visiting all the travel agents in town as soon as possible since time was of the essence and everyone was relying on me. And then I found an agent who was in contact with a new up and coming airline which was trying to make a customer base for which they were initially giving cheap airline tickets. I snapped up the opportunity and booked 4 seats for Dubai.

So the day finally came, we departed towards the airport but a sinking feeling made the journey to the airport not a memorable one. What was the feeling? It was the continuous guilt that what if I have compromised on the travel experience by not paying enough money for the tickets. The feeling didn’t go away as the flight got delayed by half an hour and everyone kept looking at me sceptically. All I could do now was pray that there were no more hiccups on the way and I couldn’t have been more thankful as soon as the passengers started boarding the plane ready to make the journey.

I have to admit that throughout the flight I was not disappointed even for a moment and all of my fears were evaded as the travel was as comfortable as any other airline could provide for much higher prices. From the staff, the cleanliness of the plane, the quality of the on-air food everything was definitely up to the mark. The time on the flight definitely did fly by (no pun intended of course) and after the plane taxied towards our terminal all of the passengers left the plane. And as soon as all four of us came out of the Dubai city airport we had huge grins on our faces in anticipation of what lied ahead for the next week and the memories that we will take with us.

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