On Wednesday, May 1, travelers in major urban centers should plan journeys bypassing rallies associated with International Labor Day. Such events are likely to be well attended and are liable to result in local travel disruption.

United States

An outbreak of mumps has been reported in Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs. Mumps is caused by a virus that spreads from person-to-person via infected droplets. It is highly contagious. Nearly all cases occur among unvaccinated or under vaccinated people. Symptoms include fever, painful and swollen glands, pain on swallowing, and inflammation of the testes in men. Serious complications can occur. All travelers should ensure they are fully vaccinated against mumps.


Tomorrow, travelers in urban centers should avoid protests and expect disruption during a nationwide strike by the Argentine Workers’ Union (CTA) against labor reforms. In Buenos Aires, protesters will march at 12:00 PM local time from Avenida Belgrano to Plaza de Mayo. Aviation unions have declared their support for the industrial action, prompting various airlines to cancel flights. Travelers should reconfirm schedules before setting out.



Travel can resume with precautions to northern Cabo Delgado province in Mozambique and Lindi, Mtwara, and Ruvuma regions in Tanzania following the passage of former Tropical Cyclone Kenneth. Further heavy rainfall and consequent flooding are expected. Operations at Pemba Airport (POL) resumed on April 27; however, further disruption is possible due to continued adverse weather conditions.

Burkina Faso

On April 26, suspected Islamist militants killed six people in Maytagou. On April 19, militants killed seven people in Djika. A curfew from 12:00 PM to 5:00 AM local time remains in place through May 12 in the Est region. Travelers should continue to avoid non-essential travel to northern and eastern regions due to the persistent risks posed by militancy and associated communal violence.

Travelers in Ouagadougou and other urban cen

ters should avoid all demonstrations related to a nationwide lawyers’ strike. A march is expected today in Ouagadougou. Lawyers are protesting frequent trial delays.

Congo (DRC)

Polio cases due to strains of “circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2” (cVDPV2) have been reported in provinces in the southern and southeastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The cVDPV strain can emerge in undervaccinated populations. Polio is a contagious viral illness that causes paralysis and death. The infection is spread through ingestion of contaminated food or water, or directly from an infected person. Travelers should prevent infection by ensuring polio vaccinations are up to date.

Cases of monkeypox have been reported in Congo (DRC). People can contract the virus from an infected animal. They may be bitten or come into contact with an infected animal’s skin, blood or body fluids. Infected people can pass on the disease to others. Travelers should prevent infection by following good hygiene measures and avoiding contact with animals.

Cote d’Ivoire

Travelers in urban centers, including Abidjan, should avoid all demonstrations associated with a nationwide strike by university professors through Friday, May 3. Members of the CNEC union are demanding improved housing allowances. The strike, which began on April 29, follows a month-long suspension of previous industrial action by teachers over working conditions, benefits, and wages. CNEC has criticized the government’s perceived refusal to negotiate during the period of suspension.


Cases of Lassa fever, including some fatalities, have been reported in several counties of Liberia. Lassa fever is a viral hemorrhagic fever. Transmission to humans mostly occurs through ingestion or inhalation of excretions from infected rodents, especially rats. The disease can also spread through direct contact with the body fluids of an infected person. Travelers should prevent infection through observing strict hygiene and avoiding contact with sick people.


Travelers in main urban centers should exercise caution and avoid all political gatherings ahead of the May 27 Legislative Elections. While major demonstrations and electoral violence are unlikely, smaller gatherings may result in local disruption. Campaigning will run from May 6-25. The Independent National Electoral Commission plans to release the provisional results on June 17. A constitutional referendum coinciding with the Legislative Elections has been postponed indefinitely.


Travelers in Bamako and other urban centers should avoid all demonstrations linked to a nationwide strike by teachers through May 17 as a precaution. The industrial action, which began on April 15, follows a series of previous strikes and demonstrations to denounce poor working conditions. Thousands of people attended a related gathering in Bamako on April 11.


Today, travelers in Nouakchott should plan routes bypassing a planned march in support of the rights of the Haratine ethnic minority. Participants are due to assemble at Nouvelle Maison des Jeunes before marching towards the city center, where the Palace of Justice and the Ibn Abbas Mosque are the most likely gathering points. The event will mark the anniversary of the “Haratine Manifesto,” a document denouncing perceived discrimination by predominantly Arab authorities.


Travelers in the Kajuru local government area should continue to exercise caution and abide by an ongoing 24-hour curfew. In Kujama and Maraban Rido, travelers should abide by an ongoing curfew from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM local time. The curfews follow communal clashes in Kasuwan Magani on April 26 during which three people were killed. Travelers should avoid non-essential travel to Kaduna state.

South Africa

Today, travelers in Pretoria should avoid an unauthorized rally due to the potential for unrest. Participants will march at 10:00 AM local time from the Marabastad area to the Union Buildings. Residents of several communities, as well as members of taxi and labor unions, are protesting poor service delivery. Police have warned that participants will be arrested if the march proceeds.



Today through Wednesday, May 1, travelers in Kabul should anticipate heightened security and associated disruption during the Consultative Loya Jirga, which will take place at Kabul Polytechnic University in the Kart-e-Mamorin district. Almost 3,000 representatives from around the country are expected to attend, with the government declaring a one-week holiday. There will be increased road closures and checkpoints, especially in Police Districts 3, 4, and 5 near the Jirga, as well as around Hamid Karzai International Airport (KBL) and on roads leading to it. There is also an increased threat of militant attacks targeting the event.


Tomorrow, travelers in Dhaka should avoid a protest at 4:00 PM local time at the Shahbagh Intersection. The opposition Jatiya Oikya Front has organized the gathering to denounce an increase in sexual assaults.


Travelers in Jakarta, as well as East Java, Bengkulu and South Sumatra provinces, should plan journeys accounting for disruption caused by flash flooding. In East Java, key highways have been closed, and train travel through the Pasuruan regency has been disrupted. Any further rainfall in the affected areas will exacerbate disruption. At least 17 people have been killed, and thousands have been evacuated in flood-hit locations. Travelers should reconfirm the status of routes before setting out.


On Wednesday, May 1, travelers in urban centers should avoid all anti-government demonstrations due to a risk of unrest. The opposition Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan (DVK) movement has called on supporters to rally at 1:00 PM local time at unspecified locations to denounce the renaming of the capital and the June 9 Presidential Elections. The DVK is outlawed in the country, therefore, attempts by demonstrators to rally are likely to be resisted by security forces. Travelers should anticipate heightened security measures, as the demonstration coincides with International Labor Day, a public holiday.


Today, travelers in Bishkek should plan routes bypassing the section between Chuy Avenue, Erkindik Avenue, and Panfilov Street. The road will be closed during City Day celebrations on Ala-Too Square. Travelers should anticipate a heightened security presence and checkpoints on roads leading up to the square and plan journeys accounting for delays.


On Wednesday, May 1, travelers in Karachi should plan journeys bypassing a gathering held by the opposition Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) to mark Labor Day. The rally will take place in the Dawood Chowrangi area of Landhi and will be attended by party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Minor PPP-led protests are also likely in the party’s strongholds throughout the country. The party is using the date to protest poor conditions for workers and the rising prices of daily commodities. Travelers should expect local disruption in the vicinity of any gathering and plan journeys avoiding such events.


On Wednesday, May 1, travelers in urban centers should avoid Labor Day rallies by leftist groups on as a routine precaution. In Metro Manila, common protest locations include Liwasang Bonifacio, Mendiola, Plaza Miranda, Aurora Boulevard, Quezon Memorial Circle, Welcome Rotonda, and Monumento Circle. In other major cities, rallies are likely at public parks, state universities, and public assembly areas. Such gatherings are typically well attended; travelers should expect traffic disruption in the vicinity and avoid affected areas.


On Wednesday, May 1, travelers in Taipei should avoid a Labor Day march as a routine precaution. Participants plan to gather at 12:00 PM local time in front of the Presidential Office on Ketagalan Boulevard. They will subsequently march via the Labor Ministry and Legislative Yuan, before returning to the Presidential Office. Organizers expect around 5,000 people to participate in the rally, which is likely to pass off peacefully.



Passengers of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) should continue to anticipate disruption and reconfirm flights during an ongoing open-ended strike by pilots in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Further cancellations are likely while the work stoppage persists. Since the walkout began on April 26, the carrier has canceled around 70% of its flights, including more than 1,200 services scheduled for today and tomorrow, affecting more than 280,000 passengers. The strike is linked to a dispute over a collective bargaining agreement, wages, and working hours.


Travelers should avoid protests by the “Yellow Vests” movement and related events planned for Wednesday, May 1 (Labor Day) due to the risk of local unrest. In Paris, Yellow Vests supporters will rally in several locations, before joining the main union-led demonstration at Gare Montparnasse at 2:30 PM local time. The group has also threatened to “occupy” airports nationwide, including Paris Orly Airport (ORY), between 10:00 AM local time on Saturday, May 4 and 9:00 PM local time on Sunday, May 5; however, it is unclear if or how this will proceed. Additional security and traffic restrictions should be expected around all protests.


An increase in measles cases has been reported nationwide, including in Kaunas and Vilnius. Measles is caused by a highly contagious virus that spreads from person-to-person via infected droplets. Outbreaks occur frequently in undervaccinated populations. Common symptoms include fever, cough, and a characteristic rash. Measles can result in serious complications, particularly when very young children, the elderly or pregnant women are infected. All travelers should ensure that they are fully immunized against measles.


Travelers in urban centers should anticipate significant traffic disruption ahead of and during annual Victory Day parades on May 9. Heightened security measures should be expected, especially around parade routes and celebration areas. Road closures and traffic diversions have been announced, and flight restrictions will be in place, though these will be brief and only affect airports serving Moscow. Disruption is particularly likely in “hero cities,” including Moscow, St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Tula, Novorossiysk, and Smolensk.


April 29
Easter Monday (Orthodox)
Barbados: National Heroes Day
Colombia: Day of Trees
Gibraltar: Day off for Workers’
Memorial Day
Japan: Shōwa Day
Montenegro: Passover Holiday
Ukraine: Orthodox Easter Day
United States: Confederate
Memorial Day
Vietnam: Liberation Day/
Reunification Day Holiday

April 30
Congo (DRC): Education Day
Cyprus: Orthodox Easter Tuesday
(Banks Only)
Japan: Coronation Day Holiday
Moldova: Orthodox Easter
Monday Holiday
Romania: Public Holiday
Sint Maarten: Carnival Day
Vietnam: Liberation Day/
Reunification Day

May 1
May Day
Eritrea: International Workers’ Day
Japan: Coronation Day
Latvia: Constituent Assembly
Convocation Day
Marshall Islands: Constitution Day
Mali: Workers’ Day
Namibia: Workers’ Day
Nepal: Majdoor Divas
Tanzania: Workers’ Day
United States: Yom HaShoah
Zimbabwe: Workers’ Day
Aruba, Bangladesh, Burkina
Faso, Burundi, Benin, Botswana,
Central African Republic, Congo,
Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Cabo
Verde, Gabon, Grenada, Gambia,
Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Cambodia,
Comoros, Lebanon, Madagascar,
Martinique, Mauritius, Niger,
Reunion, Serbia, Rwanda,
Seychelles, Slovakia,, Senegal,
Suriname, Sao Tome and Principe,
Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine,
Uganda, Kosovo, Mayotte
Zambia: Labor Day
May 2
Australia, Canada, Israel, United
Kingdom: Yom HaShoah
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Labor Day
(Day 2)
Bhutan: Birth Anniversary of Third
Druk Gyalpo
China: Labor Day Holiday
Spain: Day of Madrid
Japan: Coronation Day Holiday
Montenegro: Labour Day/May
Day Holiday
Poland: Day of the Flag
Serbia: Labor Holiday (Second
Russia: Spring and Labor Day
Slovenia: Labor Day Holiday

May 3
China: Labor Day Holiday
Japan: Constitution Memorial Day
Poland: Constitution Day
Russia: Spring and Labor Day
El Salvador: Cross Day

May 4
Austria: Saint Florian’s Day
China: Youth Day
Japan: Greenery Day
Kazakhstan: Special Working Day
Latvia: Independence Restoration
Namibia: Cassinga Day
Vietnam: Working
Day for Liberation Day Holiday

May 5
Denmark: Liberation Day
Spain, Lithuania, Romania:
Mothers’ Day
Ethiopia: Freedom Day
Guyana: Arrival Day
Japan: Children’s Day
Kyrgyzstan: Constitution Day of
the Kyrgyz Republic
South Korea: Children’s Day
Mexico: Battle of Puebla
Netherlands: Liberation Day
Palau: Senior Citizens Day
United States: Cinco de Mayo

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