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Currently, travelers boarding domestic commercial flights within the United States and its territories are required to present IDs compliant with the REAL ID Act at all Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoints. All US states and territories are currently compliant with the REAL ID Act or were granted extensions to become compliant with the REAL ID Act. These extensions will expire on various dates in 2019 and if a state-issued ID (driver’s license, state ID) does not comply with the REAL ID Act by these dates, an alternate form of identification will be required by the TSA in order for residents of that state or territory to board a domestic flight.

Non-compliant states and territories that have been granted extensions past October 10, 2018 include:

  • US Virgin Islands- extended through April 1, 2019.

  • California- extended through April 10, 2019.

  • Rhode Island- extended through May 1, 2019.

  • Alaska, Illinois, Montana, the Northern Mariana Islands- extended through June 1, 2019.

  • Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania- extended through August 1, 2019.

  • American Samoa, Maine, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon- extended through October 10, 2019

All other states or territories not listed above have been deemed compliant with the REAL ID Act.


On Sunday, March 31, travelers in urban centers should avoid nationwide demonstrations organized by the “No + AFP” movement. The gatherings will begin at 11:00 AM local time nationwide. Protesters in Santiago will gather at Plaza Italia. In Valdivia, participants will gather at Terminal Valdivia and march towards the city center. Protest flashpoints in other cities include main squares and key thoroughfares. Demonstrators are denouncing the current pension system and calling for the government to accept it’s proposed restructured system.


An outbreak of pertussis (whooping cough) has been reported in the Ngabe Bugle region. Pertussis is highly contagious and spreads when infected people cough or sneeze droplets into the air. Infants are affected most frequently. Early cold-like symptoms are followed by episodes of rapid and violent coughing. Supportive treatment and antibiotics help to treat the illness. Travelers should ensure they are vaccinated against pertussis prior to arrival in Panama.



Travelers in Comoros should exercise caution and continue to avoid all political gatherings linked to yesterday’s Presidential and Regional Elections. Following a controversial campaign period, clashes occurred on Election Day between opposition supporters and security forces, particularly on Anjouan and Grande-Comore islands, amid accusations of electoral fraud. Preliminary election results are expected today but may be delayed. Should no candidate secure at least 50% of the vote, a second round of voting will take place on April 21.


Today, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have confirmed that a long-range rocket fired from the Gaza Strip struck a house in Mishmeret, north of Tel Aviv. The incident, which occurred at around 5:20 AM local time, left at least six people injured. On March 14, two missiles were fired towards Tel Aviv from Gaza; there were no casualties. Travelers should continue to exercise caution and follow official directives.


Tomorrow, travelers in Amman should avoid a sit-in outside Parliament in the al-Abdali district at 11:00 AM local time. The protest is being organized against a 2016 gas deal between Israel and Jordan, and will coincide with a Parliamentary debate on the matter. Although the event is likely to pass off peacefully, travelers should anticipate a heightened security force presence in the vicinity and plan routes bypassing the area to minimize inconvenience.


Travelers in Nairobi should avoid the vicinity of the IMAX cinema on Mama Ngina Street due to an ongoing fire. Emergency services are at the scene and traffic is being disrupted in the area, especially on Mama Ngina, Standard, and Kaunda streets. On Saturday, March 30, travelers in Nairobi should avoid a demonstration organized by the Kenya Patriotic Movement (KEPAM) as a precaution. The group is denouncing alleged government corruption and mismanagement of public funds. Participants will march from the central business district to Uhuru Park. Previous anti-corruption protests in 2016 were forcibly dispersed by security forces with batons and tear gas.


Yesterday, a violent confrontation between ethnic-Fulani villagers and Dogon fighters killed 134 and injured 55 others in the Fulani village of Ogossagou. All travel to the five northern desert regions and central Mopti region should be avoided due to the threat of communal violence, militant incursions, and banditry.


Travelers on Rodrigues Island should anticipate disruption and maintain flexible itineraries during the passage of Tropical Cyclone Joaninha. The weather system is currently a Category III storm (the second-highest on a four-tier scale) and is moving southeast. The storm will bring maximum sustained winds of 118 miles per hour and is forecast to pass over Rodrigues Island today. Sir Gaetan Duval Airport (RRG), which serves Rodrigues Island, was closed yesterday. In addition, Air Mauritius has canceled all flights scheduled for today.


Non-essential travel to Manica, Zambezia and Sofala provinces, as well as several districts in Niassa, Gaza, Inhambane and Tete provinces, should be deferred until further notice due to damage and flooding following the passage of former Tropical Cyclone Idai. Heavy rainfall has hampered relief and repair efforts, though the N6 Motorway, the main access route from Maputo to Beira, was reopened yesterday. Aid organizations have reported increased criminal activity and unrest can be expected in affected areas, including armed robberies and break-ins, especially after dark.


At least eight people were killed, and several others injured on March 21 when suspected members of the Nigeria-based Islamist militant group Boko Haram attacked the village of Dewa Kargueri in Gueskerou, close to the border with Nigeria. It is the second attack in the Diffa region in a week. At least six soldiers were killed on March 13 when unidentified gunmen attacked a military post in Toumour. In response, the government has extended a State of Emergency in the regions of Diffa, Tahoua, and Tillaberi for three months beginning March 18.


Travelers on La Reunion should anticipate disruption and maintain flexible itineraries during the passage of Tropical Cyclone Joaninha. Joaninha is a Category Three storm (third highest on a five-tier scale) and is not currently forecast to pass close to or over La Reunion; however, a warning for heavy sea swells has been issued for the coastal zone between Pointe de Galets and Pointe des Cascades. Some flights at Roland Garros International Airport (RUN) have been delayed.

South Africa

Today, travelers in the Sandton area of Johannesburg should plan journeys circumventing Rivonia Road due to an ongoing security operation. The street has been closed between West and 5th streets during the evacuation of a nearby building triggered by a security threat against an EY Africa office. Travelers due to visit the US Consulate, located nearby, should allow additional travel time and expect road disruption in the area.

On Friday, March 29, travelers in Pretoria should avoid a march at 10:00 AM local time from Caledonian Stadium to the Union Buildings. The Democratic Alliance has organized the event in protest of recent rotating scheduled power outages, locally known as “load shedding,” by state-owned power provider Eskom. Although the event is likely to pass off peacefully, travelers should plan routes bypassing the march to minimize delays.



Polio remains an ongoing risk in Afghanistan. New cases continue to be reported in Kandahar province. Polio is a contagious viral illness that can cause paralysis and death. It is spread through contaminated food or water, or directly from an infected person. Travelers should prevent infection by ensuring their polio vaccination is up to date. Travelers who will be in Afghanistan for 4 or more weeks may be required to show proof of vaccination within the 12 months prior to departing the country.


Tomorrow, travelers in major urban centers, particularly Dhaka, should expect heightened security and associated disruption around Independence Day celebrations. Commemorative rallies and programs will be held, particularly in Dhaka’s upscale areas of Banani and Gulshan, and around the National Martyrs’ Memorial in Savar. The opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has announced a seven-day program to celebrate Independence Day, including a rally from their head office in Naya Paltan on Wednesday, March 27.

Cook Islands

Cases of dengue fever have been reported on the Cook Islands. The disease is spread by mosquitoes and is present in both rural and urban areas. Dengue can cause a range of symptoms and has no particular treatment. Some people, especially those who have been infected before, get a more severe form that can lead to fatal complications. Although a vaccine is available in several locations, it is only recommended for people who have been infected with dengue in the past and are living or traveling in areas with high levels of dengue transmission. Travelers should prevent infection by avoiding mosquito bites.


The World Health Organization has declared Indonesia a polio re-infected or “outbreak” country after cases were detected in Papua province. Therefore, the International Health Regulations’ (IHR) temporary recommendations for polio vaccination are applicable for all international travelers. Indonesian authorities are implementing these guidelines for travelers to and from Papua and West Papua only. Polio is a contagious viral illness that can cause paralysis and death. It is spread through contaminated food or water, or directly from an infected person.


Polio cases have been detected in parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab provinces. Additionally, environmental samples have tested positive in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as well as the provinces of Balochistan, Punjab and Sindh. Some of these samples were collected in major cities including Faisalabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar. Polio is a contagious viral illness that can cause paralysis and death. It is spread through contaminated food or water, or directly from an infected person. Travelers should prevent infection by ensuring their polio vaccination is up to date.


Today, travelers in urban centers, especially Bangkok, should monitor developments related to the expected announcement of unofficial results of yesterday’s General Elections. According to reports, the military-backed Phalang Pracharat Party (PPRP) is in the lead, closely followed by the main opposition Puea Thai Party (PTP). Travelers should avoid all political gatherings due to the potential for clashes between rival party supporters and police.



Today, passengers transiting Belgian airports should expect delays and cancellations due to ongoing industrial action by air traffic controllers. Travelers should reconfirm flights prior to setting out.


Travelers in Le Mans should expect disruption caused by protesting fairground workers near the Place des Jacobins. Routes have been blocked by burning tires, and police are on the scene; the Town Hall has also been evacuated as a precaution. Travelers should avoid all related gatherings.


Today, malfunctioning air traffic control software continues to disrupt flights at Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA). At least 35 flights have been canceled. Passengers transiting the airport should reconfirm their schedules.


Today, passengers transiting Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) should reconfirm flights and expect delays due to foggy weather in the area.


March 25
Azerbaijan: Nowruz/Spring

Colombia: Saint Joseph’s Day
Cyprus: Greek Independence Day
Greece: 25th of March
Greece, Lebanon: Annunciation of
the Lord
Kazakhstan: Nauryz (Day 3)
New Zealand: Otago Anniversary
United States: Seward’s Day

March 26
Azerbaijan: Nowruz/Spring

Bangladesh: Independence Day
Mali: Martyrs’ Day
El Salvador: National Day of Life,
Peace and Justice
United States: Prince Jonah Kuhio
Kalanianaole Day
March 27
Myanmar: Armed Forces’ Day

March 28
Cayman Islands: Royal Visit


March 29
Central Africa Republic:
Commemoration of Boganda
Madagascar: Martyrs’ Day
Taiwan: Youth Day

March 30
Trinidad & Tobago: Spiritual
Baptist Liberation Day

March 31
Micronesia: Micronesia Culture
Day (Chuuk & Pohnpei)
Malta: Freedom Day
March 31
United States: César Chávez Day
US Virgin Islands: Transfer Day

April 1
Cyprus: Cyprus National Holiday
Micronesia: Micronesia Culture
Day (Chuuk & Pohnpei) Observed
New Zealand: April Fools
San Marino: Investiture Ceremony
of the Captains Regent 1
Ukraine: April Fools
United States: César Chávez Day
US Virgin Islands: April Fool’s Day

April 2
Argentina: Day of the Veterans
Belarus: Union Day of Belarus and
Jordan: Al Isra’ wal Miraj

April 3
United Arab Emirates, Australia,
Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada,
Indonesia, Comoros, Kuwait,
Malaysia, Oman, Philippines,
Pakistan, Russia, Somalia, United
Kingdom, United States, Mayotte,
South Africa: Leilat al-Meiraj (The
Prophet’s Ascension)
Iran: Prophet’s Ascension

April 4
Angola: Peace Day
Switzerland: Näfelser Fahrt
Senegal: Independence Day
Taiwan: Children’s Day

April 5
China: Qing Ming Jie
Hong Kong: Tomb Sweeping Day
South Korea: Arbor Day
Macau: Cheng Ming Festival
Nepal: Godhe Yatra
Taiwan: Tomb Sweeping Day

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