United States

Today, travelers in Midwestern and Mountain states should plan journeys accounting
for disruption during the passage of a major winter storm. The National Weather
Service has issued Winter Storm Watches for several counties in Colorado, Kansas,
Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Authorities expect
up to 24 inches of snow accumulation and wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour
in affected areas. The severe weather will exacerbate the situation in parts of the
Midwest that remain flooded or are at a risk of flooding following a similar storm in

Today, rain and thunderstorms will be widespread from the southern Plains to the
Tennessee Valley. A few strong to severe thunderstorms may develop in parts of
Texas, southern Oklahoma, southwestern Arkansas, and northwestern Louisiana.
The primary concern will be large hail, but damaging wind gusts are also possible.

Tomorrow, severe thunderstorms are most likely from eastern Texas into southern
Arkansas, northern Louisiana, and western Mississippi. Strong tornadoes, damaging
winds, hail, and locally flooding rainfall are all possible in these areas. On Sunday,
April 14, severe thunderstorms are possible from the Gulf Coast into the Ohio valley
and parts of the mid-Atlantic states. Damaging winds are the main severe threat,
though a few tornadoes are certainly possible.
There is a traffic management program in effect for flights arriving to LaGuardia
Airport (LGA), Newark International Airport (EWR), and George Bush Intercontinental
Airport (IAH). Travelers are advised to reconfirm flights amid delays.


Today, travelers in Buenos Aires should plan journeys avoiding demonstrations by taxi
drivers against app-based ride-share service providers. Since 10:30 AM local time,
demonstrators have been gathered at the intersections of 9 de Julio and Cordoba
avenues and Belgrano and Salta Avenues. At 11:30 AM local time, they plan to
congregate two blocks away, at the junction of Belgrano and San Jose avenues, before
arriving at 9 de Julio and Venezuela at 12:00 local time. Travelers are advised to avoid
the area, as the events are likely to cause local disruption. Additionally, the Argentine
Confederation of Transport Workers is planning to stage a general nationwide strike
on May 1. Metro, railway, air, maritime traffic will be affected.


An Ecuadorian National was robbed while traveling in a taxi in Mexico City. The police
have identified the assailants as being part of an organization that operates at Mexico
City International Airport (MEX) that specifically targets perceived wealthy travelers.
The incident highlights the risks posed by crime in Mexico City, and the need to
maintain a low profile while traveling.



Today, travelers undertaking road travel to Algiers should anticipate delays and allow
additional time for journeys. Security forces have set up checkpoints on the A1
Highway and other roads to prevent demonstrators from reaching Algiers ahead of
expected nationwide protests.


April 12
Bolivia: Children´s Day
Liberia: Fast and Prayer Day
Thailand: Songkran (Observed)

April 13

Bangladesh: Chaitra Sankranti
India: Rama Navami
Sri Lanka: Sinhala and Tamil New
Year’s Eve
Moldova: Special Working Day
Thailand: Songkran
Vietnam: Hung Kings Festival

April 14
Palm Sunday
Bangladesh: Bengali New Year
Bhutan: Death Anniversary of
Zhabdrung (Zhabdrung Kuchoe)
Honduras: America Day
India: Vaisakhi
India: Mesadi/Vaisakhadi
India: Ambedkar Jayanti
Cambodia: Khmer New Year Day
(Day 1)
Sri Lanka: Sinhala and Tamil New
Year’s Day
Nepal: Nepali New Year
Pakistan: Baisakhi
Thailand: Songkran
Vietnam: Hung Kings Festival

April 15
Israel: Yom HaAliyah
Cambodia: Khmer New Year Day
(Day 1 Observed)
Cambodia: Khmer New Year Day
(Day 2)
North Korea: Birth Date of Kim Il

April 15
Malaysia: Declaration of Malacca
as Historical City
April 15
Thailand: Songkran
United States: Tax Day
United States: Patriot’s Day
Vietnam: Hung Kings Festival

April 16
Cambodia: Khmer New Year Day
(Day 3)
Thailand: Songkran (Observed)
United States: Emancipation Day

April 17
American Samoa: Flag Day
Gabon: Women’s Rights Day
India: Mahavir Jayanti
Syria: Independence Day

April 18
Holy Thursday
Zimbabwe: Independence Day

April 19
Good Friday
Argentina: Passover Eve
Israel: Ersev Pesach
Sri Lanka: Bak Full Moon Poya Day
eSwatini: Birthday of King Mswati
Venezuela: Declaration of

April 20
Holy Saturday
Argentina, Australia, Canada,
Israel, United Kingdom, United
States: First Day of Passover
Philippines: Black Saturday
Pakistan: Shab e-Barat

April 21
Easter Sunday
Argentina: Second Day of Passover
Bangladesh: Shab e-Barat
Brazil: Tiradentes Day
Falkland Islands: Queen’s Birthday
Israel: Pesach II (Passover)
Iran: Imam Mahdi’s Birthday
Pakistan: Ridván
United States: San Jacinto Day

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