Economy Or Economy Premium, Which One Suits You Better?

Most people fail to understand the actual difference between economy premium and plain economy. The confusion is quite common. Economy class offers seats that can be reclined and with it is a fold down table. Generally the seat pitch ranges from 29 to 36 inches, depending on the airline you choose. Passengers traveling on economy class are provided with an airsickness bag and an In-flight magazine.

Seats Extra features might include a blanket, ear plugs, toothpaste and an eye mask.Availability of food depends on the airline. Many airlines don’t serve meal on short haul flights. But passengers on long distance flights are served meals. Some airlines may make economy class passengers pay for pillows, blankets and headphones whereas some provide these without charge.Premium economy is a travel class offered by many airlines. In terms of price, comfort and amenities, it stands between economy class and business class.

For some airlines, premium economy solely means more leg-room. Comfort level on economy premium is just a notch below Business class. Generally the seat pitch is 36-38 inches, along with some form of leg rest. The seats are better with fewer seats per row.

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The cabin crew is more responsive to the needs of the passengers.The meals and drinks are upgraded to a higher quality. Premium economy class passengers enjoy an increased baggage allowance and priority boarding. Additional features include In-flight telephone, exclusive amenity kits and a lounge. Entertainment for passengers is more improved with an at-seat laptop power and a wider choice of movies.

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